The Third Mystery: The Gift of Jesus – Visualisation

What does it mean to be fully human and fully God?


God and humans are totally different. Nobody even the most power and arrogant of us would ever claim to hold the full attributes of God. Yes there are some of us who like to think that we are Godlike, yes there is a part of that in all of us. But the differences between God and humans are stark.


This makes many people very uncomfortable; I once did a talk on how Jesus went to the loo. I was training at the time and one of the people said to me that she was going to tell my boss of this dangerous lie. Jesus was God so couldn’t go to the loo, or at least in her eyes. Thankfully my boss backed me up in the Jesus loo debate and the lady later came to understand this.


This time the visualisation is in two parts


Part 1:

This visualisation is simple but yet profound. All I would ask you to do is make a simple list like the one below. In one column put the attributes of God and in the other put the attributes of human beings. The things that all humans have in common. Then when you have finished the list spend some time just thinking about how Jesus shares all the attributes of each column. Have fun with it see how many things you can put in each column.


Attributes of God:                                                                                    Attributes of all humans

All Powerful                                                                                                Goes to the loo

Can create the Universe                                                                           Is born


Part 2:

For the last two hundred years historians have tried to find out who the historical Jesus was. To take away all the God stuff and decided what type of a man Jesus was. These are know as the quests for the historical Jesus, there have been three by Christians and the most recent has been done by an secular Atheist. The funny thing about all these quests is that the Jesus they come back with seems to be rather like the people who went looking for him. The first quest for the historical Jesus was taken by liberal German intellectual Christians, guess what their historical Jesus looked a lot like a liberal German intellectual. The most recent quest for the historical Jesus found that Jesus was a secular humanist, just like the person who when looking for him.


This tells us that we must be careful when we construct a picture of Jesus in our minds. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t, just that we must remember that our conclusion is not factual. It is type of prayer where we imagine who Jesus would have been. What we have to remember is that this Jesus is our Jesus not the real one, so much humility is required here.


So for the second part of the visualisation try and imagine: If Jesus was born today in our society, where would he be born? Who would have visited him? Try and imagine the Christmas story today in our world. As you go write down some notes and share your ideas in the comments below.  image


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