The Third Mystery: The Gift of Jesus – Meditation

This meditation is about 10 min long. Find some time to sit down relax and listen, when you wont be disturbed.

It may be helpful to wear headphones to block out distractions.

Simply relax, drift off and be in the presence of God of Jesus.

This meditation is simplified version of a spiritual exercise practiced by the society of Jesus. In this exercise you imagine that you are God and imagine to view the world as God does. During the exercise you see the options open to God to save his creation. The aim is to see the great love of God in choosing to become one with us, with all the vulnerability that entailed.


There is more information about the Spiritual exercises in the resources section.


After the meditation has ended, read through the comments below and let us know how you found it.



If you are having trouble viewing this video please click the link here


Don’t Forget to leave a comment about how you found the meditation in the comments box below.


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