The Sixth Mystery: The Gift of The Holy Spirit- An Introduction Video

This Video was produced to help you come up with your own questions about the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Watch the Video and jot down your questions, then ask them within the comments below

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Unit Summary

  •  The Gift of the Holy Spirit is given to us today


  • The Gift of the Holy Spirit bringing life to and joy to the universe and our lives


  • The Holy Spirit bringing heaven to earth if we say yes

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2 comments on “The Sixth Mystery: The Gift of The Holy Spirit- An Introduction Video

  1. Jill Pryor on said:

    At the beginning of the video you said we all go to heaven at the end of time. I thought we went as soon as we died?

    I’ve said yes to God more than once, and I’m sure you have too. I thought once He had sent the Holy Spirit, that was it, he didn’t keep sending Him. As we draw closer to God we feel Him more intensely and as we fall away, less so.

    • hywelsnook on said:


      Eternity is a difficult thing for us to understand as we live in a reality where there is time. When we die we pass into eternity where there is no time. Being a scifi person I imagine this a bit like another dimension or you can think about Narnia where time moves differently when the kids go through the wardrobe. Basically, at the end of time this universe will end and all things will be made new. This should happen in billions of years according to Brian Cox the good looking physics bloke. When we die we pass out of this reality where there is time into a reality where all things are made new. So in a way we jump forward in time. So we all go to heaven at the same time.

      With the Holy Spirit, we do say yes but we then say no later on. Think of it as a journey when every time we say yes we are given a little bit more of the Holy Spirit to move us forward. God will only give us as much of the spirit as we can cope with. Because even when we say yes we don’t say it fully, it is only when we say a perfect yes that we can receive the holy spirit fully.


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