The Second Mystery: The Gift of Unity

Welcome to the Second Session of Christianity Re-Loaded

“Tonight is the night when two become one” Spice Girls 1996


“Not only ought you continually love and cherish each other, but to communicate that love to all” St Ignatius Loyola  1556 AD


“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity” Psalm 19


In this session we will think and pray together about the Gift of Unity, at the end of this session you’ll

  • Begin to see the Gift of Unity in the God who is three persons in one
  • Begin to see the Gift of Unity bringing joy to our relationships and world
  • Begin to see how the Gift of Unity can be spoiled bringing destruction to our relationships and our world


This Session is about The God who lives in unity, The God who gives that gift of unity to us.


Prayer, meditation and spirituality may now be more familiar, but as was said in the last session, any new experience with practise and persistence will becomes easier. The most important thing to remember is to relax, this is not an exercise in getting it right. This is an exercise in beginning or enhancing your relationship with God. We are created to be truly ourselves, because God like any good father loves us for who we are.


This session like the others has four parts. Don’t try and do them all together try and space them out. Watch the video first and think of some questions, you can do the meditation or visualisation in either order. It is a good idea to try and do one bible reading each day. Each part has its own page so click on the icon to be taken to each page.




As you watch, jot down your own questions and then ask them in the comments





You may not be used to meditating, but the mediation is super easy to do. Just listen, close your eyes and imagine.





The visualisation asks you to use your imagination and everyday experience to see God in the world and people around you





There are seven short passages from the bible to read and pray through each session. Each passage has notes to help you.




There are interesting articles and videos about the music used and some questions that may come up.


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