The Dove from Above

Forty days after Easter people celebrate the blessing of the Holy Spirit. All over Britain people will be asking for God to bless their communities. Locally we have set up blessing trails. There are blessing points all over where people can stop and ask God to bless our community.

At each point there is a poster with a prayer to say and a secret letter to add to the trail inside. The churches have made doves which will be around each point, Please take one home with you and bring it to our Pentecost family service at St Mary’s Market Drayton. June 4th at 5:00 pm. A full list of all the points is inside. Fill in each letter to find the secret phrase. 

IMG_20170518_163706 (1)

To download a Print File with all the stations click here

Here is a full list of all the blessing points where you can find the doves and secret letters

Blessing Points in Drayton Letter
St Mary’s Church
St Thomas and Stephens’ Church
Longlands School
Canal Bridge
War Memorial
Town Hall
Festival Centre
Market Drayton Infants School
Methodist Church
Walkmill Nature Walk
Market Drayton Junior School
Buntingsdale Park
Christchurch Little Drayton


Villages to the North:

Village Blessing Point Letter
Moreton Say School
Moreton Say Milennium Pond
Moreton Say Church
Calverhall Church
Calverhall The Jack Pub
Calverhall Play Area
Ightfield War memorial
Ightfield AMICA Centre
Ightfield Cross
Ash White Lion Pub
Ash Village Hall
Ash Church
Adderley Church
Adderley Village Hall
Adderley Canal Bridge


Villages to the South

Village Blessing Point Letter
Hinstock Church
Hinstock Village Hall
Hinstock School
Stoke on Tern Church
Stoke on Tern School
Stoke on Tern Red Lion Pub
Stoke on Tern Stoke Heath Prison
Cheswardine Village Hall
Cheswardine School
Cheswardine Church
Child’s Ercall Church
Child’s Ercall Village Green
Child’s Ercall Village Hall
Hales Church
Hales Club
Sandbrook Phone Box
Sandbrook Church
Sandbrook Rest Home



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