Sunday 7th December the Second Sunday of Advent

Before you begin:

If you haven’t done a service with us online before, please read the getting started page for some helpful tips.

You will need for today’s service, a small bowl of water, a candle a pen and paper.

If you are doing this alone, say the Bold and normal type. If in a group assign one person to say the normal type and everyone join in with the bold type. The Italics are directions for actions within the service.


We are in Advent at the moment.

This week’s theme is: Return!


The Lord be with you

And also with you

Light your candle as you pray:

As we light this candle in prayer we ask God’s blessing on us, our family, our church and world. We ask Christ to surround and his Angels to protect us.

Loving God,
open our ears to hear your word
and draw us closer to you,
that the whole world may be one with you
as you are one with us in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


The Psalm (Poem) for the Week say this aloud quietly and slowly

Psalm 85.1-2, 8-end

Lord, you were favourable to your land;
    you restored the fortunes of Jacob.
You forgave the iniquity of your people;
    you pardoned all their sin.   Selah

Let me hear what God the Lord will speak,
    for he will speak peace to his people,
    to his faithful, to those who turn to him in their hearts.
Surely his salvation is at hand for those who fear him,
    that his glory may dwell in our land.

Steadfast love and faithfulness will meet;
    righteousness and peace will kiss each other.
Faithfulness will spring up from the ground,
    and righteousness will look down from the sky.
The Lord will give what is good,
    and our land will yield its increase.
Righteousness will go before him,
    and will make a path for his steps.


Penitence where we reflect on the good and bad of the last week


Meditation on our last week:

Quietly look at your candle burn before you.

Think of the one thing that you are most proud of this week

Where have you surprised yourself with your kindness or patience

Quietly think it over and relive that moment in your mind.

Feel the Joy within you as you notice God’s presence.

Write it down and place it by your candle

Think of one thing that you are ashamed of this week.

What led to that thought, action or inaction?

How did this make you feel?

Now touch the water in your bowl and trace the sign of the cross on your forehead

Then say aloud:

Lord God I am your child my I turn away from the darkness of depression to the joy of love


Pray aloud:

O Lord, raise up, we pray, your power
and come among us,
and with great might succour us;
that whereas, through our sins and wickedness
we are grievously hindered
in running the race that is set before us,
your bountiful grace and mercy
may speedily help and deliver us;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
to whom with you and the Holy Spirit,
be honour and glory, now and for ever. Amen

The Word where we listen to the Bible Readings and the Sermon


This week’s readings are:

Isaiah chapter 40 verses 1-11

2 Peter chapter 3 verses 8-15a

This week our featured reading is from Mark chapter 1 verses 1-8 read it aloud below.

The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

As it is written in the prophet Isaiah,
‘See, I am sending my messenger ahead of you,
who will prepare your way;
the voice of one crying out in the wilderness:
“Prepare the way of the Lord,
make his paths straight” ’,
John the baptiser appeared in the wilderness, proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. And people from the whole Judean countryside and all the people of Jerusalem were going out to him, and were baptised by him in the river Jordan, confessing their sins. Now John was clothed with camel’s hair, with a leather belt around his waist, and he ate locusts and wild honey. He proclaimed, ‘The one who is more powerful than I is coming after me; I am not worthy to stoop down and untie the thong of his sandals. I have baptised you with water; but he will baptise you with the Holy Spirit.’

This is the word of the Lord

Thanks be to God



Click to play this weeks sermon





Intercessions we pray for others and our world.


Spend some time thinking about situations in your life or in our community and world.

What is it in the Church that you are most concerned about? Think for a moment and write it down

What is in your family that you are most concerned about? Think for a moment and write it down

What have you seen on the news that most concerns you? Think for a moment and write it down

What have you heard about within our community that most concerns you? Think for a moment and write it down

Who do you know who is sick at the moment? Think for a moment and write it down

Think about your loved ones who have passed, Think for a moment and write it down

Take a drop of water on your finger, touch each person or situation you have written, as you do this pray aloud for each one written..

Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on us.


Thanksgiving where we say Thank you to God and bring to him all we thought and prayed about today


Listen to the choir sing, this is a hymn they sing during communion. As you listen think back over all the readings, prayers, sermon and your own life. Within you heart, say thank you to God for those things that led you to feel that deep Joy within you.

Click to listen to the Choir



This week’s Challenge:

Each week we are called to put our prayer into action:

Do the Advent Calendar

Go in Peace to Love and Serve the Lord

In the name of Christ Amen.


Christ Church Advent Calendar

Each week has a prayer which is said while the Advent Candle is lit. Each day light a candle at home and pray that same prayer with us as we do the activities together.

Week two Return:

This week we are called to return to God. We focus on ways in which we can make practical changes in our lives that allow us to live more fully. Often in life we wonder off without even thinking, we get caught up in negative habits that over time damage our lives. God is constantly calling us to return, to be with him to follow his way and live better day by day. Each day the activity helps us to think about the little things that we can change to make a difference to ourselves and those we share our lives with.

December 7th  In today’s Gospel John the Baptist calls us to turn our hearts and minds. Be honest what is the one thing that you would like to change about yourself?

December 8th  Families are under pressure at this time of year. What could you do to make your family life better?

December 9th  Try and spend half an hour today doing something that makes you feel alive

December 10th  Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth when she pregnant with Jesus. Is there a friend or family member that you should contact today?

December 11th    Jesus is born to bring good news to the poor. Watch the news today and listen to yourself and others. What are your feelings towards the poor?

December 12th    We all like to be right about everything, so today what have you been wrong about?

December 13th   Try and do without something you like today and be glad that you don’t have it too.

Prayer for week two:

People of God: return!

You are called to be God’s own.

From the mountains announce the good news.

God comes in justice and peace,

to all who follow his ways.

You are God’s children.

Lord, make us one in the peace of Christ

today and for ever.




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