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Before we Begin


Thanks for starting Christianity Re-Loaded. On this page are some helpful tips, please read through them before you begin to get the most out of the course.


We’ll start with some house rules to put people at ease;

1: Please respect people’s views any posts which are aggressive or offensive will not be published. Anyone who persistently posts aggressive or offensive posts will be blocked.

2: Please ask as many questions as you can, that is how we can all learn.

3: Please be open if you think your question is silly ask it because it is probably not.


Before you begin the course proper I have produced a video explaining what faith is. Watch the video and add any thoughts, questions or comments in the comment box below. It would be great also if you could introduce yourself and say why you have begun this course and what experience you have of Christianity so far in your life.


What do we mean by faith?

The course is in six topics. Once you have introduced yourself click on topic on The Gift of Creation. If you are returning click on the topic you wish to begin or continue.

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4 comments on “Christianity Re-Loaded Intropage

  1. Kristina Coulthread on said:

    Hi I am kristina and I have chosen to test this course out because I am sceptical about these things , I want to believe but dont know what I want to believe in and have difficulty in my life that I sometimes think have a faith woukd make things a bit easier x

    • hywelsnook on said:


      Good to have you on the course. I’m sceptical too which isn’t a bad thing at all. If you have a go at the meditations and ask questions about the videos then things may become clearer. Having a faith doesn’t make my life easier but it does make it more joyful. Most of all it reminds me of what is important. So ask loads of questions as you do each session


  2. The mysteries… Are they the actual Christian mysteries as I’ve been a Christian all my life and only ever come across The Mysteries in Catholicism. That initially it me off!

    • hywelsnook on said:

      The name mysteries are so ancient they pre-date all the major divisions in the church. The Orthodox, Catholic, Anglicans all talk about them. One of the oldest prayers in church is the part of communion where we say, Great is the Mystery of faith; then people reply Christ has dies Christ is risen Christ will come again. I can’t remember exactly but this comes from the first few hundred years of the church.

      The reason that we use the word mystery is to remind us that what we are trying to understand is always beyond us. It’s a bit like when I worked in the lab every time we thought we had found an answer we just got many other questions. Faith is the same, when we think we have found the answer you just get loads more questions. The word mystery is just to try and keep us humble. Certainty is the opposite which leads to pride.

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