Christianity Re-Loaded

Welcome to Christianity Re-loaded, this course is not just about learning about Christianity it is an invitation to enter into a relationship with God. It has six topics each describes a different mystery where God reveals himself to us. Often people think that you can find God and in many other world faiths this is the whole idea is for the person to set off on a path to find a God.


Christianity is different as we believe that God has come to find us. God reveals himself to us so we can get to know him. This course is split into six topics or sessions. Each one describes a way in which God reveals himself to us. People often think of the quest for God as trying to ring God up on his mobile and hope he answers. The Christian understanding is the opposite, God is ringing us up all the time, but do we stop and listen?


The answer to that for me at least is, yes I listen but only sometimes when it suits me.


But God is a being of infinite patience, which is a good thing for people like me.


The six topics are the main ways in which God has and does speak to us, as both individuals and as a people. They are the ways or mysteries that show us who God is. Also they show us that he loves us and desires us to return that love. These are six gifts that God offers all people, this course is about how we can better accept these gifts offered to us. The topics are:

The gift of creation

The gift of unity

The gift of Jesus

The gift of the cross

The gift of the resurrection

The gift of the spirit


This course is designed for you to do alone or as part of a group. You can go along at your own pace, the fastest you should ever move it is a week for each topic. Make sure you ask questions along the way in the comments. As well as making your own comments, read through other people’s comments because the chances are someone else has similar questions.

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