Chrissy Jupp’s Spiritual Space

We’ve asked those who use this site to send us pictures and descriptions of their Spiritual Spaces. There is an full article on how to create your own space for prayer.


Chrissy Jupp has kindly shared her space with us, so here it is.


From the top

1. San damiano cross of st Francis, to focus on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith.  It also reminds me of my Church family as one of these  was put in the foundations of the community area of Christ Church, and when I think of St Francis I think of what God said to him “Rebuild my  church” but that is not just a building but all people who follow Christ, they are my family and so is the earth and all it’s creatures.

2. the rosary to remind me there are many ways to pray and to value the traditions and practices of all people of faith.

3 the anastarsis icon reminds me that Jesus wants to rescue all people to be with Him.  That he is in control of all situations I will face even death.

On the table

4. The cover is a messianic prayer shawl to remind me Jesus was and is a Jew and that believers are grafted into Israel.  That we are all children of Abraham .

5. A bible for daily reading and guidance .

6. An olive wood clutch cross from Bethlehem, to remind me of how much I am loved and at what cost .

7. A stone from Walsingham reminds me I stand on the rock .

8. Praying hands cos they help me and I like them.

9. A little light from Nazareth, where the light of the world lived a human life and knows how it is to be an person living in time and a place just like me.

10. The box contains water from places I have been on pilgrimage which I use to remind me of my baptism and other little things I have been given or found over the years by family and friends. I can also put the names of those I am praying for in the box to remind me to keep lifting them to God .


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