Build Your Own Spiritual Space

You can pray anywhere and at any time but just like all other relationships prayer needs a special place. The Celts who brought Christianity to Britain called these thin places. Places where the veil between this world and the next is thin. Prayer changes people and places spiritually in a way beyond words. The atmosphere of the place changes into one of peace and holiness. So the first step is to create your own thin place within your home. Many Christians and other cultures too create a spiritual centre within their home.


I am not very creative to put it mildly but even someone as clueless as me can have a go. Below is a picture of what seems like a meaningless pile of stuff. But each item has been chosen to relate my everyday life to my spiritual life.



Each item I picked symbolises something I want to be reminded of when in prayer. Here is a list and why I choose them.

1: The blanket is my children’s, it was the first one that we cuddled them in as new born babies. This reminds me of new birth and the love we have as a family.

2: The Willow Tree statue is one that was bought when my daughter was born. It reminds me of my earthly family and the Christian family of the church.

3: The picture at the back is one that my daughter made of the Easter Story in Sunday School. As it was the Easter Season when I took this pic, I’ve used that one. I change this picture throughout the year. No good having a Easter Picture at Christmas.

4: There is Easter postcard of Jesus meeting Mary in the garden. I found this years ago and put it in a cheap frame. Again I change this through the year. You could print off some picture off the net in the same way.

5: The candle is in a white holder as white is the colour for Easter. It just makes the cheap tealight look better. You can buy these in Wilkos B&M or even posh garden centres. I have different colours to match the colours we use in Church.

6: The note paper is where I write down situations or people I want to pray for.

7: The Bowl has water in which can be used as part of the service.


Most of the things I used are found round my house, they are special to me and relate God into my everyday life. For the spiritual life to be real we must relate it to our own lives personally. Prayer reminds us of the love of God but also the gift of love that he gives us day by day.  Even an uncreative bloke like me can produce a spiritual space like the one below.  So spend some time thinking about what you would like to put in your spiritual space. Send us some pics and we can share them on this site.


Everyone is Different click the links to see other People’s Spiritual Spaces.


Chrissy Jupp’s Spiritual Space

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