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What have Past Couples said about their Wedding at Christchurch?

“Our wedding service was amazing and Something both us and friends and family will be talking about for a long time!!”

Liz Ritchings

“the wedding day, everyone we have spoken to has commented on how relaxed and special our day was. We really couldn’t have wished for any better. The church  was stunning, Emma Binns was extremely helpful and patient”

Laura Furnival



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You can book by phone or email: Contact the Parish Administrator, Emma Binns on 01630 655695 or 07929 903852 Email:


What is different with a church wedding?

Civil Weddings are essentially a legal agreement between two people who love each other. In fact they love each other so much that they have agreed to share all their possessions and legally become their next of kin. This act of love is a massive risk, for all sorts of reasons. A Christian marriage is where we give ourselves in body mind and spirit to the one we love. A Christian marriage is where we cease to be two independent people and become one flesh and one spirit. It is this extra dimension of offering not just our possessions but our very selves to the one we love that makes a Christian marriage different. As the Spice Girls put it in their 1996 hit song two become one.


I don’t go to Church can I still get married in Church?

Everyone in the parish or has a connection with the parish is allowed to get married in Church.


I’ve got Kids can I still get married in Church?

One in five couples who get married in church have children together or from previous relationships. Your children are more than welcome to take part in the service in any way possible.  We can even combine the Wedding service and Baptism services.


Is it really expensive to get married in Church?

It is surprisingly cheap to get married in church, in fact it is usually one of the cheapest parts of the day. The fees are around £580, which is much less than a hotel and there are no tie ins with a package.


What about photos, flowers, confetti and a video and all that other stuff?

We have a relaxed attitude to all these things. We will work with you to make your day as relaxed and wonderful as it should be.


I’ve been married before can I still get married in Church?

About a quarter of the weddings that happen in Church are now second marriages. If you can marry in church after divorce is decided on a case by case basis. There is an interview process with the couple and a decision is made fairly promptly. However anyone can have a blessing of a civil marriage service, where the same vows are taken as in a marriage.



What days can I get married on?

Any day except Good Friday or Sunday Mornings as this is not allowed by the Church. Also, Christmas Day, Boxing Day or Easter Sunday as this will have serious effect on the Vicar’s marriage, he is married too.


How can I book my wedding?

You can book your wedding by contacting the parish admin, Emma Binns by emailing or calling 01630 655695 or 07929903852


What happens after I’ve booked it?

You will be sent an email with a form to fill in and will be invited to come along to three or four wedding preparation evenings.


What happens at the wedding preparation evenings?

These are three or four informal evenings where groups of couples come together to discuss the vows and what it means to be married today. It is a good opportunity in the frantic stress of wedding preparation to stop and think about why you are getting married and how wonderful that actually is.


An Awesome Commitment and a Joyful Life Together

I love marriage because I love my wife. The vows taken are below they are truly awesome in nature. Taking these vows is a huge risk and huge commitment. But, the giving of your whole self, body mind and spirit is truly the most joyful thing and one of God’s greatest gifts to us.


‘I, (bride’s name), take you, (groom’s name)
to be my wife/husband,
to have and to hold
from this day forward;
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish,
till death us do part’


I give you this ring as a sign of our marriage With my body I honour you All that I am I give to you and all that I have I share with you Within the love of God, Father Son and Holy Spirit.


To be able to love someone so much to take these Vows

Truly is a wonderful thing
As required by law, banns will be read in Church on three successive Sundays. This is where the priest informs the public of your intention to marry, if the proposed marriage is illegal, e.g. either party is already married, then the public can object.
Rehearsal                                                                                          A rehearsal will be arranged a few days before the ceremony. The only two people who need to attend are you as the couple, but other participants are welcome to come. (Family, best man, bridesmaids etc.)

The Day
The ceremony will last about forty minutes but the bride should allow five minutes before the wedding for photographs. A further twenty minutes will probably be spent after the ceremony for photographs in the Church grounds.

If you still live in the parish you are invited to attend Church at 10.00a.m. Baptisms can be arranged and Christ Church has several things going on for children (please see children’s activities page).

We Look forward to your special day!



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