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To book a Christening  contact the Parish Administrator, Emma Binns on 01630 655695 or 07929 903852 Email:

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You can book by phone or email: Contact the Parish Administrator, Emma Binns on 01630 655695 or 07929 903852 Email:

There is plenty of things going on at Christchurch for Families:

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This following information tells you more about what you need to do if you want your child to be Christened.

Because families sometimes haven’t had much recent contact with the Church, taking the first step can be a bit nerve-racking. Many people are not quite sure exactly what baptism means.
We want to try to make things easier for you, so that, if you do decide to have your child baptised, you will understand exactly what is involved and be comfortable about what is expected of you.
What we ask you to do is this:
Come and meet the Parish Priest Father Hywel for one or two sessions. These will look at what a Christian is and what baptism involves. Accept our invitation to come and worship regularly at Christ Church. If you haven’t been to Church recently it will help you feel at home. Agree a date with us for the baptism service.

There is obviously quite a lot to think about. To help you, the following are some of the more common questions that people ask at this stage.

Q    Does my child have to be baptised as a baby?
A    Not at all. Most years at Christ Church adults or teenagers who have not been baptised as children are baptised. It is becoming a more common practice.

Q    What is the difference between baptism and christening?
A    None. They are different names for the same ceremony.
Q    How much does it cost?
A    Nothing. There are no fees or charges of any kind for a baptism. There is however the ‘cost’ of keeping the promises for the rest of your life.

Q    What about Godparents?
A    Godparents have to make some serious promises. They must be baptised themselves and they should also have been confirmed. To help them, it would be good if the people you are thinking of asking came along to the classes with you. If they are not already worshipping at another Church, it would probably be helpful for them to come to Christ Church with you as well.
Q    Could you refuse to baptise my child?
A    No. We want your child to be baptised! But baptism isn’t just a one-off thing – it’s a lifetime commitment. We want to help you with that. That’s why we provide some preparation. But the final decision will be entirely yours.
Q    What do I do now?
A    Contact the Parish Administrator, Emma Binns on 01630 655695 or 07929 903852 Email:

We are currently booked up for baptisms in 2017 and we are working on next year’s dates.


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