SUNDAY 23rd APRIL 2017 AT 11.15AM

Present: Fr Hywel Snook (chair),  Margaret Broadhurst, Alison Derwent, Jane Eastham, Jill Evans, Wyn Faulkner, Pat Frost, Ann Hales, Hazel Haskayne, Alison Haysey, Diana Holland, Pat James, Will James, Chrissie Jupp, Jill Ledger, Angela Munn, Ann Parkinson, David Smith, Helen Smith, Jan Stapleton, Ann Talbot, James Thornbury, Geoff Vernon, Dorothy Watkin, Arthur Watkin, Colin Whitfield, Heather Winstone, Jacqui Wright

A. VESTRY MEETING – (Meeting of Parishioners)


1. The meeting had been preceded by Mass.
2. Apologies for absence:   Paul Evans, Margie, Cherry Shakespeare, Richard Stapleton, Sheila Vernon
3. Appointment of Churchwardens:

Mr Paul Evans– Proposed by Wyn Faulkner and seconded by Pat Frost

Mrs Jacqui Wright – Proposed by Jane Eastham and seconded by Hazel Haskayne

There being no other nominations it was unanimously agreed they be appointed Churchwardens for Christ Church.

4. Archdeacon’s Visitation Tuesday 9th May at St Mary’s, Market Drayton, 7.30pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend this.


1. Minutes of the Annual Meeting of 17th April 2016 had been available for everyone to look at. These were proposed as a true record by Colin Whitfield, seconded by Ann Hales, all in agreement.
2. Matters arising:  There were no matters arising.
3. Treasurer’s Report and Gift Aid Report:

A copy of the audited statement of income and expenditure for the year 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016 had been circulated to all present (see attached).  The accounts have been set out in a slightly different way to avoid any difficulty of interpretation.  Geoff goes through the accounts. The first page shows the income for the year, this is £70,423 an increase of approximately £29,000 on the previous year. The main items contributing to this include a legacy from Penny Day’s estate of £10,156.25 (indexed linked from the time the will was written); also for the first time the income includes collections at funerals for charities which was £8013 but this all goes out on the expenditure side. Fr Hywel had a busy year in terms of funerals as well and the fees received were £17,814 compared to £10,934 from the previous year. There were also non recurring grants and fundraising was up. All these add up to the extra income. All other items are relatively similar to previous years, stewardship, envelopes etc. The expenditure figure was £58,000 last year compared to £51,000 the year before, however the actual expenditure was slightly down because last year’s includes the £8000 from funerals which went to charities.  The fees to Lichfield were up, the cost of maintenance of the church and churchyard was minimal.  This leaves an excess of income over expenditure of £11,514.81 with a balance carry forward of £33,058.13.  GV asks everyone to take away and study the accounts and then ask any questions, they have been fully audited by Janet Hankey.  Collections from funerals for the church go under ‘donations’ rather than the ‘collections for charities’ section, the latter is for external charities.  It is worth pointing out some churches always insist on any donations going to their church rather than external charities, so this is a way we collect for charity.  Fr Hywel did 58 funerals last year, so it was a bumper year for fees. Usually there are around 35 funerals, although there have been quite a lot this year already. The number has gone up over the years as we have a good reputation.  Diana asks what happens to money from the votive stand, this goes into ‘other income’.  There is a discussion about whether it can go to charity, it will have to go on the PCC agenda to be discussed. We also have to make sure people know exactly what they are giving to, so there would need to be a sign on the votive stand.  £475 of our money goes to charity, and we have twinned our toilet this year with one in the developing world.  Geoff is thanked for his work.


Gift Aid Report by Ann Parkinson:                                                                         There are 56 in envelope scheme which is going from strength to strength. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tax payer envelope or not, it shows the Diocese the number of people who belong to our church. It is convenient as people can bring their envelopes when they want if they are on holiday one week, etc.  We can claim some tax back on open plate as well. £200 a week has become more common from the envelopes, £75 was the average when Ann took over.  White envelopes are a good source of tax income from weddings, baptisms etc, we get 25p in every pound back. This contributes to the day to day running of the church.  All Ann and Geoff’s paperwork for the previous 3 years goes to audit and they say we have excellent systems.  Ann says she is indebted to Alison’s original system which we use, and Di Lea who does work on the computer.  Ann is thanked for her work.

4. Property Committee Report:

All the work done is published if people want to have a look. A couple of highlights this last year have been the new flagpole in the churchyard which was a big job and needed a Faculty; and the laying of the Labyrinth of Light. We also repaired the underfloor heating. Will reports there has been general maintenance going on, we can’t cut the grass at the minute because of the flowers, a team from Stoke Heath are hoping to come in May and do it. It is worth saying Moreton Say spend £2000 a year on cutting grass so having Stoke Heath helping saves us money. Maintenance costs were minimal for last year, and we are reaping the benefits of previous spending now, the building and churchyard are a good standard.  Work recommended in the Quinquennial report has been completed so hopefully we shouldn’t have any major issues.



Chairman’s Report by Fr Hywel Snook: 

This is in the Parish magazine and will be on the website. The thing that stands out is having the CCTV installed so now we’re open all the time.  It does make a difference, people do come in. Another thing that stands out is, as Fr Hywel goes round the Deanery as Rural Dean, and around the Diocese, it reminds him of how far we’ve come as a community, the type of things he has to sort out in other churches don’t happen here as much and we care about each other.   When Fr Hywel broke his arms it showed people can be unified and get on with it without him here, we support each other when the unexpected happens.   The amount of responses we got back from the Vision Project was phenomenal, there were good quality ideas and well received.  Lots of other things we’ve done, like the Patronage Book, have been from the community coming together.

Arthur Barnett’s last Sunday as Lay Minister is next Sunday 30th  April at St Luke’s, Hodnet so it would be good if a delegation can go down and say thank you for his ministering and for doing the magazine, and get him a present.  We also want to say thank you in this meeting for all he’s done.


6. Deanery Synod Report:

This will be published soon, we can do far more together as towns and villages, such as the release group, job club, pilgrimages etc. We do as much as we can with other churches because it makes life so much easier, e.g. the Maundy Thursday meal.   On 20th July Richard Clarkson will be licensed at AMICA.  The interviews at St Mary’s are being held this Thursday 27th.




7. PCC:

8 nominations had been received and were duly elected as follows:-

Jane Eastham, Pat Frost, Ann Hales, Hazel Haskayne, Will James, Ann Parkinson, Geoff Vernon, Heather Winstone.

8. Election 2 members to Deanery Synod:

2 nominations had been received and were duly elected as follows:-

Paul Evans, Colin Whitfield

9. Election of Sidesmen:

This has to go on the APCM agenda but is actually done at the Archdeacon’s Visitation.

10. Appointment of Independent Examiner:

It was proposed by Pat Frost and seconded by Ann Hales that Janet Hankey be  re-elected as the independent examiner.  All in favour.


11. AOB:

Alison Derwent brings up the point that we need more help with the garden group, if you would like to help out please have a chat with Will, Hywel or Alison, we could also put a request in the magazine.

Is it ok with the new PCC to meet on 16th May? All in favour.

The meeting closed at 12.10pm

Property Committee Report for APCM 23rd April 2017

Work carried out Jan – May 2016

David Hillidge now helps in the churchyard.  The prisoners are not as reliable as they have been but when they come they do a good job.  The Council come and strim four times a year but can’t come yet because of the bluebells and wildlife area.  We allow biodegradable confetti in the churchyard at weddings.  We do get litter, bottles and cans in the churchyard and they need picking up most days.

May – July 2016

There have been a few problems with the gutter which will involve raking the leaves out.  As far as the Churchyard Awards are concerned – we haven’t had the commitment from Stoke Heath that we’ve had in the past, we don’t get those from inside the prison coming with the warden as they are short staffed.  When they came they always did a good job and it helped them as well, as involvement in the community led to less re-offending . Simon came from the house on Friday for a few hours, he helped with digging for the interment, and mowed and strimmed.  As we are short of labour we could maybe ask some of the dads from Messy Church as we need someone to do the heavy work, as long as they are given enough notice.   Richard and Will can open the church and we have toilet and kitchen facilities.  The main concentration is on the path and Garden of Remembrance.  The council are going to come and cut the grass more often which should help.

July – September 2016

Much of what has been done is down to Simon Ibbitson.  He has been coming 4 or 5 times a week for most of the year, sometimes he’s had a friend to help him.  He has done a tremendous amount including mowing, strimming, weeding, pruning etc and the Labyrinth of Lights.  He has also painted the gate and noticeboards.  The altar from St Mary’s has arrived, we also have an altar rail and kneeler, they can be put in the gallery for now.

September 2016 – January 2017

 We’ve had a couple of men coming down from Stoke Heath who’ve been doing the hoovering and polishing in church and various things outside.  We’ve had a new fan fitted to the underfloor heating, and the church carpets were cleaned on Friday 20th January. Some bulbs have gone in the aisle lights but it’s hard to change them as they are high up. The CCTV people might change them for us when they come because they have ladders. We can change the spotlights for LEDs but need someone to change the fittings; it might be worth getting some quotes for this as it would save us money. We still haven’t heard anything about the gas meter.

January – March 2017

The men from Stoke Heath prison are coming on a regular basis, several came in a minibus last week. The vicar’s gutters have been cleared out. The prisoners work outside and inside the church hoovering etc. so all’s well.  Asif went back home and we did him a thank you letter, he did a lot and integrated well with the art group.  We have a good mutual relationship and arrangement with the prison. A start has been made on the big tidy up in the gallery, we’ve identified what needs to go in the bin, go to the Beacon and what is going to stay.  Jill Ledger’s son helped out.  GV said people have pointed out to him that our clock doesn’t chime the right time, but Fr Hywel has been counting and the ones he’s heard are right.




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